Staying safe on your bicycle

Whether it’s for work, school or pleasure, cycling has many benefits. It’s convenient, environmentally friendly and can help you keep fit.  Safety is an important issue.

To make you and your bicycle more obvious on the roads we have high visibility garments available for sale in the West Midlands Police room in University Centre.  We keep both long sleeved and sleeveless tops and arm/leg bands.  

High visibility jacket








We also have sets of cycle lights (front white, rear red, with batteries and brackets) available so that you can ensure that your cycle complies with the lighting regulations.

A small stock of helmets are also on site for sale. 

Helmets and high visibility clothing are not mandatory in the UK, but lights are.  More details of the legal requirements for cycle lighting and information on the pros and cons of helmet use are to be found on our cycle commuting pages.   But if you do wear a helmet, make sure your helmet is fitted correctly; check the clear guidance available here.

If you are feeling a little unsure about your road skills, there are cycle trainers familiar with the Birmingham campus and its environs who can be contacted for a lesson. 

And if you are on the road, the Highway Code is what governs your conduct and that of other road users.  Make sure you have a copy and are familiar with its contents.Highway Code icon