Salary sacrifice information

Here are some of the articles that helped inform the debate and decision to go ahead with a salary sacrifice scheme at Birmingham University.  Articles located after the Birmingham scheme was implemented have been included also.


The Department for Transport Cycle to Work Scheme Implementation Guidance.

Bike for all article on the Cycle to Work Scheme.

London Cyclist article on the Bike to Work scheme.

UK cycling and health document. [50 page PDF document].

The Tax Man on Salary Sacrifice. [PDF document].

Guardian Unlimited article on tax breaks and cycle purchase. (20p per mile is the going rate that can be claimed for work related journeys).  

Booost in a Box cycle purchase scheme. [Word document].

BikeMagic article [2004] on the Boost and Halfords Schemes.

A 4th scheme called Ride2Work doesn't have any local stores but there is some useful FAQ information on the cycle purchase concept at this link.



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