Starting to commute by bike

This page has a collection of topics related to cycle commuting.


 Getting started on a bike

Bicycle commuting - basics.

getting started guide to commuting by bike for  improved health and fitness which was produced by Cycling Scotland (PDF document).

An explanation of some of the road design terminology associated with cycling.

Front cover of the Cyclecraft book by John Franklin
















CycleCraft by John Franklin.  The recommended course book for the National Cyclist Training Project.

Bike commuting: A better way to travel.

Local cycle trainers in the West Midlands.

Special needs buyers guide.

Sourcing a special needs cycle.


 Cycling for women and children

Cycling isn't just for the weekend and it isn't just for children.  And it isn't always easy to find the information that helps women get started.  We've a few links already on this page to finding the right saddle and the right size and shape of bike for women.  Here's a few more women-friendly links.

SUSTRANS Bike Belles page has a guide for women with information on buying a bike, choosing accessories, how to look good, staying safe, cycling during pregnancy and much more.

SUSTRANS also have a guide on making cycling fun for all the family.

The Cycling Sisters is a women's cycling group in Chicago. Their mission is to increase the number of women who ride bicycles for transportation, and to increase the confidence and comfort of women cyclists. Their web site has a good range of articles and tips.


Cycling for those with disabilities

Disabled people and the National Cycle Network information sheet.

VeloVisions special needs cycling guide.

Links to companies that have special needs bikes to hire and to buy

General information on special needs cycling from the Cycle N Sleep site.

Wheels for all is working to provide cycling opportunities for everyone to enjoy. For anyone who isn't able to manage a two-wheeled bike, for whatever reason, the Cycling Project has a variety of equipment in different sizes for you to try.


The health benefits of cycling

50+ benefits of cycle commuting.

Bike for your health: how cycling benefits you.

A report on the health benefits from a modal transport shift (PDF document).

National Cycling Strategy report on cycling and health (PDF document).

Sustrans leaflet on healthy and active travel (PDF document).

National Cycling Forum document on Promoting cycling: improving health (PDF document)

Building fitness through cycling from Cycling Scotland (PDF document).


Advice for employers

The Cycle Friendly Employers website is based on the experiences of both cyclists and employers. Their aim is to help employers and developers promote cycling either as a component of a travel plan or as an individual initiative. Their site offers a range of resources and information aimed at empowering employers by providing the resources that will enable them to give existing cyclists a better deal and to encourage others to give cycling a try.

Details of suppliers of cycle parking stands, shelters and lockers.

How to avoid disappointing your cyclists with a sub-standard parking facility.

Salary Sacrifice Cycle Purchase Schemes.

Get Cycle Friendly - a guide for employers.

Get Cycling - cycling promotion and support services (previously called the Company of Cyclists).

Cycling works - how employers can benefit from increased cycling (PDF document).

Starting a BUG (Bicycle User Group).


 Highway matters

BicycleSafe's "How not to get hit by a car". 

Watch out for that car door!!!!

Bike safe, drive safe advisory leaflet for cyclists and for motorists.

The Highway Code (and yes it applies to cyclists too).

Know your road signs (as they apply to cyclists).

Highlights for cyclists from the recently updated Highway Code.

High visibility garments (one way to avoid being hit by a car...).


Cycle lighting

Advice on cycle lighting for new and potential cyclists.

Bicycle lighting resource page.

Cycle lighting regulations.



Helmet advice for new and potential cyclists.

Bicycle helmet research foundation.

A personal view on why to wear a helmet.

Cycle helmet information from John Franklin.

Fitting your helmet correctly is vital for it to be effective.  Good advice is available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and from Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Insurance (of you and your bike)

If you are the victim of an accident.

If you are the cause of the accident.

CycleGuard is a specialist cycle provides a range of insurance policies (including third party, for children, when away from home and when competing).

Most household insurance policies include a section for specified items or specifically include bicycles.  It is worth checking your household policy to see if you can include your bicycle on that.

There are many cycle insurance companies to choose from so you need to read the small print of any policy carefully to check on any exclusions.


Types of bicycle

The folding bike society.

Why choose a folding bike?

Recumbent bikes.

Why choose an electric bike?

Special needs Buyers Guide

Sourcing a special needs cycle.



How to choose a bike

Why cycle - a site with plenty of good advice!

TimeOut Guide to the different types of bike.

Bike for Life's guide to choosing a bike.

Getting the bike to fit the lady.




Choosing the right they aren't all the same!

Cycle saddles for ladies.