Environment and sustainability

Our Environmental and related policies state our overall aims and objectives. We are committed to improving performance and engaging with the University community.These pages detail our policies, initiatives and activities.
The University has reduced its annual carbon footprint while expanding activities, putting it ahead of schedule for meeting its commitment of 20% reduction by 2020, from a 2005/06 baseline.

Contact us for further information.

 Waste reduction and recycling

The Environmental Services team are responsible for implementing waste disposal and recycling initiatives. The mixed rceyclables scheme for examples has resulted in increasing recycling rates.

For any waste disposal or recycling enquiries and feedback, contact the Environmental Services team at recycling@contacts.bham.ac.uk


 Sustainable travel 

UniversityStation1Whether you are walking, cycling, driving or using public transport, the University's Sustainable Travel Plan details initiatives for improving environmental performance, saving money and enhancing wellbeing. 

Any enquiries or feedback contact Peter Edwards is the University's Sustainable Travel Coordinator at sustainabletravel@contacts.bham.ac.uk

 Carbon management

SteamBridge1The University Carbon Management Plan details projects to reduce emissions until 2020. There are separate College and Corporate Services plans to help achieve the targets. An emissions update is undertaken annually.

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We have published a Biodiversity Policy and a Working Group is developing an action plan, with the help of recently undertaken ecological surveys.

Grounds & Gardens manage 180 hectares of land - doing the grass-cutting, planting, pruning, tree work, litter collection and road sweeping.

There are several examples of biodiversity related practices on campus and the Vale.


 Sustainable food 

From Fairtade, Good Eggs to a Farmers Market, find out more about our sustainable food initiatives. 

 Student initiatives 

From ecopower rangers to making friends with GREG there are many opportunities to make a difference and have fun. Enhance your CV by becoming a Green Impact auditor.

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