Recycling and Waste

What happens to our waste and recycling?

This video shows a typical example of the process our Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) goes through and how it is reused to keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

How are we performing? 

The mixed recyclables scheme has resulted in increased recycling rates. Find out how well we recycle our waste:

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What can I recycle?

 Mixed Recycling Scheme 

The “Binless” office was successfully introduced in September 2009 and we are continuing to implement this scheme across campus. We are looking for more Colleges and Departments to join and support us in lowering the University’s carbon emissions.

For further information on how this scheme could work for your College or Department see Mixed-Recycling-Scheme.

For all items that can and cannot be recycled in this scheme please see the Mixed-Recycling-Scheme-signage.



Sue Bell, Facilities Manager, College of arts and Law:

"The College is playing its part in reducing it's carbon footprint, by implementing the 'binless office' in four of its buildings and is working towards getting it rolled out across the remaining sites.

Working collaboratively with Cleaning Services and the University Fire Offices, locations and a start date are agreed.

Hospitality and Accommodation Services assist us, providing excellent information and instructions to send out to staff regarding the scheme.

It is fair to say that the majority of staff welcome the scheme as it gives both staff and students an opportunity to recycle and therefore reduce carbon footprint.

Initially there is some opposition, but once implemented they generally come around to the idea and appreciate why the bins are being used. Over time staff seem to find their own routine to empty their bins, often using their office bin for general waste and a basket or box for re-cycling."  


Donna Willmetts, College Facilities Manager, College of Social Sciences:

"In 2009, the College of Social Sciences wanted to make sure that they were doing all they could to reduce their contribution to local landfills and decided to lead the way with the help of the University Environmental Services Team, by rolling out the 'binless office' scheme across the College estate.

This has already proved very successful and has resulted in a significant cost savings, less office consumables, increased recycling rates and overall waste minimisation as staff have become more aware of the waste they generate.

The key to the successful binless office programme is down to the full participation and co-operation of all staff. Shifting the habits of an individual is no easy task, so encouraging this behaviour across the entire College has been a tremendous achievement.

The enthusiasm of the staff is helping us to achieve our ambitious vision of how a sustainable College should operate. Our staff can be proud that they are playing a practical part in the move towards 100% participation across the campus." 

 Cardboard Recycling 

All unwanted cardboard should be flattened and left next to your office bin. Cleaning staff will remove the cardboard daily where it will be taken to our recycling facility. 

 Glass Recycling 

Glass recycling can be found at Staff House (loading bay), Muirhead Tower (rear of building), Guild of Students (back of Guild), Undercroft (coffee lounge) at Biosciences and Student Accommodation sites including Jarratt Hall, Pritchatts Park and The Vale Village.

 General Waste 

General waste will be collected daily from your office by Cleaning Services. We are a zero to landfill University as all general waste is sent to an Energy from Waste facility for incineration to produce heat and power resulting in lower emissions. 

 Skip Hire 

If your College or Department have large amounts of waste to dispose of and require a skip you must submit this online form.

Please note no hazardous, clinical or electrical items to be placed in any skips on campus, for correct disposal of these items see below. Mattresses can be disposed of for an additional cost, please contact Environmental Services for further information.

Our Contractors aim to recycle at least 98% of the items from your skip.

 WEEE - Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

The University has a duty of care to dispose of electrical equipment in a safe and secure manner through the WEEE directive. These items cannot be placed with general waste. If you have any electrical items to dispose of please contact Environmental Services, we will arrange disposal where a small charge will be applied.

Please be advised that certain companies which you have purchased the replacement product from may be obliged to dispose of the old equipment. 

 IT Equipment 

Unwanted IT equipment can be disposed of via Stone. Please complete the online form and contact them directly for a quote. 

 Ink & Toner Cartridge Recycling 

Used ink and toner cartridges can be recycled with us. To do so please request a cartridge box from Environmental Services. We will deliver the box to your Collage or department, when the box is full please contact Terry Walls who will arrange a collection date.

 Battery Recycling  

There are several bins on campus for the recycling of small batteries, please see the waste and recycling map for there locations and those nearest to you. 

For further information on which batteries can be recycled see A-Z. (currently under construction) 

 Hazardous Waste Disposal  

If you wish to dispose of hazardous waste please complete the following online form (coming soon). Please contact us for further details.

University hazardous waste includes fridges, freezers, chemicals, solvents, oil, paint and all other forms of hazardous material. If you are unsure of whether your waste is classed as hazardous please contact the team, where we will advise you on disposal. 

 Clinical Waste 

The Environmental Services Team deal with the clinical waste contract at the University. If you work with clinical waste and have any enquires please contact the team

 Pest Control 

The Environmental Services team also deal with the pest control contract at the University. If your College or Department have any unwanted pests or catch sight of any whilst out on campus. Please submit this online form.

 Confidential Waste  

Confidential waste on campus is managed by Portering & Transport Services at the University. Please use the confidential waste online booking form.


An internal exchange scheme is in place for the reuse of unwanted furniture. Please contact Geoff Williams in Procurement for further details.



For any waste disposal or recycling enquiries and feedback, contact Environmental Services team.