Athena policies and practices

Generic text covering common policies and practices (NEW).


Details of policies, guidelines, initiatives and training courses that are particularly relevant to your Athena application:


Flexibility and Family-Friendly Working: Flexible Working Guidelines, University nurseries and childcare voucher schemes, Buying Additional Leave Scheme and Career Break Scheme

Becoming a Parent: Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Leave and KIT days information

Managing Pregnancy, Maternity & Adoption Leave for Academic staff: specific guidance for academics, including remission from duties on return from maternity leave 

Harassment and Bullying Policy: support for addressing unwanted behaviour

Online diversity training:
to be completed by all staff. Please contact Gill Hancox for the completion rate in your School, 

Unconscious bias training:a workshop for increasing your understanding of the impact of unconscious bias 

Coaching and mentoring: coaching and mentoring, including the Coaching Academy

Leadership Development: promotions workshops and emerging leaders programme

Aurora Leadership Programme: bespoke development programme for early career female academics (see p.28 of the brochure) 

Central induction: all new staff are invited to attend the central induction at POD

Academic staff training and development brochure: full list of available courses

Fixed-term contracts:
information for employees and managers 

Promotions: timetable and applicant information

PDR Scheme: appraisal schemes for academic and Professional Services staff