The BAME Staff Network aims to provide support and advice for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff at the University of Birmingham, and ensure that their views and needs are recognised by the University. 

The Network also provides a space to discuss, question, challenge and take action where necessary to promote race equality and diversity.

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Black Lives Matter

We are not going to be silent about the brutal murder of yet another Black man - George Floyd - whose death by ex-police David Chauvin was graphically played out for the whole world to see. The killing of black people by officers who are sworn in to ‘protect and serve’ becomes a ‘normalised’ activity because Black Lives Don’t Seem to Matter. We are all feeling hurt, anger and despair as justice for George Floyd and for all those black lives taken away for talking, walking, driving, shopping, praying or just standing. This affects us all.

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