Staff Networks

Our networks are run independently by staff from across the University and provide a supportive environment for staff to discuss common issues and concerns. The networks also act in an advisory role to the University through the Equality Executive Group (our senior equality body) and are supported by the Equality & Diversity Team.  

As well as regular meet ups and social activities, the networks make a significant contribution to promoting inclusion on campus. Activities they have been involved include:

  • Working with Estates to advise on access issues for new and existing buildings
  • Representing the interests of staff groups on strategic initiatives such as the Race Equality Charter and the Dubai Campus
  • Developing intranet resources and staff profiles
  • Putting on events to celebrate special History Months and anniversaries
  • Supporting University central inductions
  • Establishing monthly events open to all staff, including Branching Out

Staff networks are a valuable asset to our University community, but in order to continue their work they need staff to get involved, whether by joining a network, attending an event, or promoting networks to colleagues. You can find out more about staff networks by attending one of our Branching Out events.

Branching Out - Connecting Our Staff Community

Find out more about our Branching Out event, benefits include:
Branching out logo
  • open to all colleagues at the University
  • help to make the University a more inclusive place to work 
  • learn more about the staff networks
  • network with colleagues from across the University

To join a network or find out more please follow the links below:


Staff Networks
 Bame network lockup  
 Enabling Staff Network lockup  
Parents carers network lockup  
Rainbow network lockup  
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