Inclusive Curriculum

Building an inclusive curriculum

Building an inclusive curriculum


The University  is committed to providing an educational experience that is inclusive of the diversity of its students. The Inclusive Curriculum Working Group explores how inclusivity, in its widest possible sense, might be more effectively embedded within the curriculum and with a view to better supporting staff to address issues associated with inclusivity, in order to enhance all aspects of the student learning experience.

The University is also undertaking specific research into creating a LGBTQ inclusive curriculum

This page provides information and resources, both general and subject specific, on supporting diversity and inclusion within the curriculum.  


 What is an inclusive curriculum? 

Inclusive teaching means recognising, accommodating and meeting the learning needs of all your students. It means acknowledging that your students have a range of individual learning needs and are members of diverse communities: a student with a disabling medical condition may also have English as an additional language and be a single parent. Inclusive teaching avoids pigeonholing students into specific groups with predictable and fixed approaches to learning.

 Creating an inclusive curriculum

Open University resources

The Open University have a range of resources developed to support academic staff in building equality, diversity and accessibility into mainstream processes.


Some of the documents here relate to the OU’s organisation, however, the checklists can easily be adapted to the University of Birmingham.

Equality Challenge Unit

The Equality Challenge Unit have developed a series of short factsheets designed to help raise awareness among academic staff of their responsibilities in this area and promote the development of equality and diversity expertise as a key competence for teaching and learning.

These factsheets can be used as a resource to support professional development programmes for academic staff, in equality and diversity training, or as a general awareness-raising tool




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