LGBTQ+ Association

For some students moving away from home may mean a freedom to ‘be themselves’ by coming out as LGBTQ to their peers, and to establish an independent adult identity. This can be a very difficult time too. The LGBTQ Association works with the Guild of Students to consider the best ways to improve the facilities and environment for LGBTQ+ students.

When is the next meeting?

Contact Jane Tope to arrange a meeting on

Who can attend?

This group is open to any LGBTQ+ student.

What is the group's purpose?

To help improve the services to LGBTQ+ students at the University. Some ideas include:

  • develop an action plan which included advertising a 'safe' space to be open about sexuality using the Stonewall logo
  • develop a mechanism to enable a choice for students in residences to be housed with other LGBTQ+ students
  • ensure wardens in residences are trained in equality and diversity including dealing with homophobic incidents and making sure that students know about that
  • create an LGBTQ+ student handbook
  • develop and promote a public seminar series focused on LGBTQ+ issues
  • to celebrate the successes of LGBTQ+ students
  • to provide a social and support function and… any other purpose the group decides - have your say!

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