ED&I in Colleges and Professional Services

Academic Colleges

Each College has an ED&I Lead who is a member of their College Board and the University's Equality Executive Group. ED&I Leads are responsible for coordinating the implementation of the University's ED&I 2021-2024 Strategy in their College and identifying and addressing local ED&I priorities via the College ED&I Action Plan.

Each College has an ED&I Committee chaired by their ED&I Lead. College ED&I Committees bring together a diverse range of representatives from their College's academic staff, Professional Services staff and student body:

College ED&I Committees report to their College Board and to the University Equality Executive Group via their College ED&I Lead.

Professional Services

 *Under development*

University of Birmingham Dubai

 The University's Dubai campus has its own dedicated ED&I team - please visit the Dubai ED&I site to find out more. 



Professional Services