Equality Change Programme

The Equality Change Programme (ECP) was established in autumn 2020 to drive forward key strands of EDI activity. The ECP focuses on introducing changes at institutional level that support our duties to ensure fairness and promote equality in relation to the Equality Act 2010 protected characteristics.

There are six ECP workstreams:

  • Inclusive Environment
  • Academic Services and Campus Services
  • Individual Development
  • Family Friendly
  • Recruitment, Selection, Induction and Retention
  • Career Development 

Each workstream is comprised of a diverse mix of academic and Professional Services staff who bring their individual expertise to the group: EDI specialists, operational and systems experts, academics with relevant research areas, members of staff networks and volunteers with a passion for EDI.

The workstreams overseen by a Governance Group which reports into the Equality Executive Group. Both the Equality Executive Group and Governance Group are chaired by the DPVC Equalities. The Governance Group has strategic oversight of the delivery of workstream activities.

Equality Change Programme 2020/21

The work streams will run for the duration of the current University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Scheme (2021 -2024), with an opportunity to review and extend membership each year.  Work stream projects are reviewed annually and will align with the priorities under the EDI Scheme for that year. 

The University has committed to a considerable body of work, as part of its Advance HE Race Equality Charter and Athena Swan Charter action plans, to improve race, sex and gender equality at the University. These areas are the primary focus of activities for the ECP in 2020/21.


Professional Services