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Race Equality Network Committee

Race Equality Network committee and responsibilities

Alex Ferranti

Alex Johl


Email: raceequality@contacts.bham.ac.uk

The role of the Chair is:

  • To chair committee meetings and disseminate information to committee members
  • To forge relationships with internal, external, regional and national networks relevant to the Race Equality Network
  • To maintain a strong relationship with HR and ensure that the network is adhering to and informing UoB policy with regards to race equality and diversity
  • To focus the direction of the network and recognise areas for development
  • To make recommendations for and review content in newsletters, the website and other publicity materials
  • To make representation to University committees, making sure the voices of staff are known

Fayeon Fyfield-Calder


The role of the Secretary is:

  • To book a room and take minutes at committee meetings (currently virtual)
  • To work with the Co-Chairs to prepare and send out the agenda in advance of committee meetings
  • To deal with any minor administrative tasks that arise between committee meetings

Kim Ekste
Vacant (Support)
Vacant (Support)

Communications Officers

The role of the Communications Officers is:

  • To produce a quarterly newsletter for members of the network 
  • To write design briefs and work with approved suppliers to create publicity material
  • To write copy relating to the Network for internal and external e-cards and magazines (ie Buzz)
  • To provide quotes for relevant University of Birmingham press releases
  • To manage the Network's Twitter account

Kally Bhartti (Lead)
Lorraine Mighty (Support)
Vacant (Support)

Events Officers

The role of the Events Officers is:

  • To contribute to the Race Equality Network strategy, campaigns, and awareness raising
  • To take a lead regarding the planning of network events
  • To plan the Network's Black History Month Programme in collaboration with the University's Equality and Diversity team
  • To archive events relating to the Network

Natasha Nelson

Intranet Developer

The role of the Intranet Developer is:

  • To develop and manage the Network's intranet pages - www.birmingham.ac.uk/raceequality
  • To receive items for inclusion on the intranet
  • To regularly update the intranet

Sonia Parnell
Kam Manku

Welfare Advisers


The role of the Welfare Advisers is:

  • To act as a point of contact for welfare issues experienced by staff members and to signpost them to relevant services available at the University
  • To be trained as a third-part reporter for hate crime for University staff
  • To recognise trends in welfare based issues reported by staff, and bring to the attention of the committee for further action


Outreach and Engagement Officer

The role of the Outreach and Engagement Officer is:

  • To build networks outside of the University with other Race Equality Networks both inside and outside of HE
  • Produce best practice guidelines on types of engagement, frequency andf event types for successful Networks
  • To represent the Race Equality Network at Central Induction sessions and other relevant events on campus

Avril Rogers

Social Secretary

The role of the Social Secretary is:

  • To work with the Events Officers to explore and organise a range of social activities for members including meals out, informal networking, sporting events etc
  • To organise a 12 month programme of events

Niyah Campbell
Tichaona Dauramanzi
Rachel Howes
Sonia Parnell

General Membership

  • To support the committee with projects and tasks as required
  • To shadow 'named' committee members to gain insight into specific areas



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