Resources and links

In this page, you can find the relevant information concerning Abaqus training.

Introductory ABAQUS/CAE course

We currently have a canvas course, which includes videos on how to use ABAQUS/CAE that was created by Ali M. Abdelhafeez under the BLUEBEAR research team management.  

To self-enrol please go to here:Enrol me now


We have a selection of self-paced video tutorials on YouTube, these can be found here on the Abaqus playlist YouTube

Abaqus Software ( student version ) : The student version of Abaqus can be downloaded or free from the following link. If this is on a University owned windows PC, you will need an admin account to install this.  To request an admin account please put a Service Desk call. Link to software :

The student version has different limitations, for example, no access to subroutines and maximum capacity is 1,000 nodes.  For more details visit the link above.


Professional Services