Finite element method

ABAQUS Special Interest Group


ABAQUS is general-purpose nonlinear finite element analysis software that provides different solutions for mechanical, structural, civil, biomedical, and related engineering applications. It covers geometry modelling, material property, meshing, boundary conditions, etc. to achieve a complete prediction for engineering. 

ABAQUS/CAE is a complete ABAQUS environment that provides a simple, consistent interface for creating, submitting, monitoring, and evaluating results from ABAQUS/Standard and ABAQUS/Explicit simulations. It is an easy-to-use environment for new users.

Registration Announcement

ABAQUS Special Interest Group (SIG) was setup in 2009, which is a special group for ABAQUS users in University of Birmingham, UK. The group includes many experienced experts who have used ABAQUS for many years. Of course, there also are many new ABAQUS users joining the ABAQUS SIG every year. ABAQUS SIG provides a community for different levels of ABAQUS users for communicating and sharing their knowledge and experience with each other about using ABAQUS and Finite Element Method in their research. Meanwhile, Bham ABAQUS users can get answers by raising question in ABAQUS SIG.

As a platform of ABAQUS SIG, the ABAQUS SIG email is efficient approach to organize the Bham ABAQUS users together.

Abaqus mailing list

To join the Abaqus mailing you must do the following:

Please send a mail to

This email should be in plain text format and not HTML.

There should be nothing on the subject line.

There should be nothing in the body of the email EXCEPT the following:

subscribe abaqus-sig

You should send this via your University email account.

If you have issues then please send an email to Ali M.Abdelhafeez, ABAQUS SIG Coordinator



For more information on ABAQUS software please visit:



Ratchet wheel mechanism simulation using ABAQUS




Simulation of stresses in a knee joint using  ABAQUS