Registration and Extensions

Registration refers to the periods of time a postgraduate research student has to complete their degree. It starts with their minimum registration period where they are expected to complete the majority of research which will inform their final thesis. This period lasts 3 years for most postgraduate research students. This then goes into a student's thesis awaited period where they write up their thesis. It would be expected that during this period they have finished their research and focus on writing and completing their final thesis. This period usually lasts 1 year. If you are unsure of your registration dates, you can find either by checking your online GRS2 form or by contacting your school's PGR administrator who can inform you of them.

These periods of time are open to change so long as a good reason is provided for why they might need to be extended or reduced. There is scope for reductions in a student's registration periods as well as scope for extending these periods if more time is required for the completion of your degree. However such changes require substantial and strong evidence that indicates exactly such a change would be beneficial. Details are below regarding the options available to change registration periods, how to apply for them and where to submit them.

For further information from Research Student Administration regarding all matters of registration, they have a full section dedicated to PGR registration.

Reducing your registration period

For information on how to reduce your period of minimum registration so as to enter your writing up period earlier, please go here.

Extending your minimum registration period

For extensions to your minimum registration, these are handled primarily through your supervisor and your school's PGR administrator. The supervisor and administrator are sent an End of Minimum Registration where your supervisor can extend your minimum registration if required. This would be done in consultation with the student.

Extending your thesis submission date

For extensions to your thesis submission date/maximum registration period, information and application forms are available here.

COVID-19 extensions

COVID-19 extensions are a different type of extension that can be applied to either your minimum or maximum registration periods. These also have implications for students who receive Research Council or college funding, as an extension to your minimum registration can also provide a funding extension of the same length of time. As well as this, any extension of the minimum registration through a COVID extension is tuition fee-free. Further information and how to apply can be found here.

Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence are another mechanism through which registration can be affected. If situations arise where an extended time away from your research degree is required (as for medical, personal or work-related purposes), a leave of absence is a way of temporarily leaving the University, with a minimum of 1 month. Information on how to apply and the criteria for approval are here.

Funding and Extensions

In situations where your registration is extended (either minimum or maximum), this does not automatically translate into any scholarship funding you receive being extended. For extensions to your funding, this goes through a separate approval process depending on the funding stream your scholarship derives from.

Industry-funded students: If your funding comes through an industrial partner or external sponsor, any funding extension must be approved by this body.

EPSRC-funded students: For students who receive funding through EPSRC, funding extensions must be approved by Tara Wittin, the College of EPS PGR manager.

School-funded students: For those students who are funded by their school, any funding extension will require the approval of Costas Constantinou, the College of EPS Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer.

CDT students: For students who are on a CDT programme, please contact your CDT administrator regarding any funding or extensions queries/issues.


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