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Welcome to the intranet site for the EPS Research Support team.

The role of the team is to maximise college Reasearch and Knowledge Transfer activities through identification, development and exploitation of new research and knowledge transfer opportunities, both within the University and through collaborations with external bodies. This is achieved by delivering an effective research support, advisory and management service.

The team is divided into two main functions, one providing the direct interface with Schools in the College (3 staff managing a “cluster” of 3 Schools each), the second function engaged in major pan-College Projects (systems and process development or theme-focussed R&KT, e.g. Energy). 


R&KT Support team


Paul Reay – Head of Research & Knowledge Transfer

ext 42216, P.Reay@bham.ac.uk


David Boardman – Head of Strategic Projects 

ext 45086, d.i.boardman@bham.ac.uk


John Woodward – Senior R&KT Manager (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy & Materials)

 ext 45158 j.woodward@bham.ac.uk


Padma Reddy, Senior R&KT Manager (Maths, Computer Science, Electronic, Electrical & Systems Engineering)

ext 48815, p.reddy@cs.bham.ac.uk


Francesco Colacino  –  Research Support Officer  (Commercialisation)

ext 42216, f.colacino@bham.ac.uk


Greg Howard  R&KT Manager (Civil Engineering and Physics & Astronomy)

ext 48940, g.howard@bham.ac.uk


Priyanka Sharma  R&KT Manager (Mechanical Engineering)

ext 58536 p.k.sharma@bham.ac.uk


Max Turner - Partnership Manager (Quantum Technology Hub
for Sensors and Metrology)

ext 48283, m.j.turner@bham.ac.uk


Gavin Harper – Energy Development Manager

ext 48940 g.d.j.harper@bham.ac.uk


Claire Farrell – Team Administrator

ext 47619, c.m.farrell@bham.ac.uk


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