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The role of the team is to maximise College Research and Knowledge Transfer activities through identification, development and exploitation of new research and knowledge transfer opportunities, both within the University and through collaborations with external bodies. This is achieved by delivering an effective research support, advisory and management service.

Research Support team

Paul Reay – Head of Research Support Team, EPSext 42216, P.Reay@bham.ac.uk

Claire Farrell – Team Administrator   ext 47619, c.m.farrell@bham.ac.uk                                                                                                                              

Iwona Spill – Research Facilitator (Chemistry and Metallurgy & Materials) ext 45158 / 44446, I.Spill@bham.ac.uk

Padma Reddy – Senior Research Support  Manager (Computer Science, Chemical Engineering)ext 48815, p.reddy@cs.bham.ac.uk

Greg Howard  Research Support Manager (Maths)ext 47919, g.howard@bham.ac.uk

Matthew Finerty  Research Facilitator (Engineering)ext 44728,  M.J.Finerty@bham.ac.uk

Jarlath McKenna – Researcher Development Officer (Training)ext 45375, j.mckenna@bham.ac.uk


Academics can now produce their own proposal costings using the Worktribe research management system, accessible directly by clicking the image below