Maintenance Officer - College
Geoff Clinton


G. ClintonGeoff Clinton

Maintenance Officer

Telephone: (0121) 414 2630



















9 Pritchatts Road ,9A Pritchatts Road - Pritchatts House, Pritchatts Park Social Centre, 11 Pritchatts Road

7 Pritchatts Road, 3 Pritchatts Road, The Spinney, Oakley Court, Oakley Court Sub-Station, Ashcroft (Triangular Site), Jarratt Hall, Winterbourne Gardens Reception (Plant Biol), Winterbourne Longwall Glasshouse, Winterbourne Small Glasshouse, Winterbourne Large Glasshouse, Winterbourne Taxonomy Glasshouse, Winterbourne Hartley Glasshouse, Winterbourne Soil Sterilisation Shed, Winterbourne Phytotron, Winterbourne Pot Washing & Seed Shed, Winterbourne Solanance House

Winterbourne Orlit, Winterbourne Hut. Winterbourne Cambridge Greenhouse, Winterbourne House,  58 Edg. Park Rd. Lucas House,  48 Edgbaston Park Road, Peter Scott House, Hornton Grange,  53 Edgbaston Park Road, Garth House,  47 Edg. Park Rd, Elgar Court, Aitken Wing, Shackleton Hall, Mason Hall, Chamberlain Hall, Maple Bank Flats, Tennis Court Flats, Centre Court


University Farm ,7110 : Wast Hills Farm Barn, Pritchatts Road - No.2 Lodge, Pritchatts Road - No.1 Lodge

Bristol Road South Lodge, 1 Wast Hills Lane, 2 Wast Hills Lane, 101 Edgbaston Park Road, 54 Edgbaston Park Road ,Winterbourne Cottage 2,  56 Edgbaston Pk Rd, Winterbourne Cottage 1,  56A Edgbaston Pk

Redhill Farmhouse, Redhill Farm, Allendale Cottage, Redhill Lodge, Wast Hills Lodge, Flats 1 & 2

Goodrest Farmhouse,  Wast Hills, Windmill Cottage, Hornton Grange Cottage,  63 Edgbaston Pk R

The Elms,  33 Edgbaston Park Road, Park House Lodge,  38 Edgbaston Park Road, 19 North Road, 

27 North Rd., Selly Oak, B29 6AN, 31 North Rd., Selly Oak, B29 6AN, 63 North Rd., Selly Oak, B29 6AN, 

73 North Rd., Selly Oak, B29 6AN, 56 Selly Wick Drive, Selly Park, B29 7JL, Alan Geale House,

10, 11 The Close, 4, 5A, 5B The Close, 3A, 3B The Close, 1A, 1B, 2 The Close, Maintenance Department

Melville Hall, Refectory & Chapel, Westhill Lodge, Archibald House, Archibald House Annexe, Barrow Cadbury Hall, Gardeners Compound, The Childcare Centre, The Oaks, Rokesley House, Changing Rooms (Playing fields), Elmfield Cottage