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Matt Ball

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Matt Ball

Maintenance Officer

Telephone: (0121) 414 7744













College of Arts and Law: 

George Cadbury Hall, Selly Oak Visual Art Centre, Law Building, Arts, Ashley, ERI, J.G. Smith Building, Mason Croft + Gazebo


College of Social Sciences:

University House , Park House , Education , Muirhead Tower


Corporate Buildings: 

Westmere House, Priorsfield, Charles W Gillett Centre, Elmfield House, Harding Law Library, Terrace Huts, 

Strathcona, 3 Elms Road, 13 Pritchatts Road, 32 Pritchatts Road, 54 Pritchatts Road, Johnson Library, Elm House,

Park Grange, The University of Birmingham School


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