You should nominate colleagues who have made a positive impact by living one or more of the Estates Values: Collaborative, Respectful, Inclusive, Sustainable and Professional. 

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How to write a good nomination

When writing your nomination, quality is more important than the number of nominations a colleague receives.

A high quality nomination is concise, demonstrates at least one of our values and the impact this person or team has had by living that value. You may want to make reference to some of the points in the above descriptions of the values.

If you would like some guidance on the type of behaviour we would be looking to award then you may want to look at the 'aspiring to' section of our behaviours framework. This is not an exhaustive list, just a guide when thinking about the content of your nominations.

When nominating a team, you may want to refer to the Estates Office Structure chart. Please be specific about which team you wish to nominate e.g Team 10 in Grounds and Gardens or Building A project team.

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Anyone in Estates can also suggest a name, additional prize and logo for the rewards and recognition scheme by completing this form or one of the paper forms in the reception of each building.


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