Inclement weather

In the event of severe weather the University must ensure that it is able and prepared to respond to any subsequent disruption of its activities. The severe weather guidelines address this issue, in particular with reference to:

  • Staff attendance at work
  • Disruption to teaching and learning activity

Severe Weather Guidelines

General staff attendance information

Staff are expected to make every reasonable effort to attend work; however, health and safety considerations are of paramount importance, and staff should not take unnecessary risks.

If you are unable to get to work, or likely to be significantly delayed, you should inform your line manager at the earliest opportunity, and, if appropriate, give an indication of your expected arrival time.

If you are late due to severe weather conditions you will not be required to make up the lost time and will not suffer any loss of pay.

If you are unable to get to work you are not automatically entitled to payment. If possible, you should work from an alternative location, such as your home. If this is not possible, you will need to make up for the time with one of these options:

  • Annual leave
  • Additional work in lieu of day(s) taken
  • Authorised unpaid leave

If you are on University business and your return is delayed due to the weather, you will be paid as normal. Please arrange your travel insurance here.

If severe weather conditions develop during the course of the working day, local managers should decide any individual request to leave work early with reference to the guidance.  Where conditions suggest that staff in general should leave early, it is up to the Head of College or Corporate Service to make such a decision.

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