Using research metrics

What do we mean by ‘research metrics’?

These are a range of primarily quantitative indicators of research performance, such as (but not limited to):

  • Numerical measures of publication quality (4*, 3* etc) based on peer review
  • Citations of publications and impact factor of journals 
  • Counts of joint publications with overseas and industry partners
  • Research income - amount and source
  • Supervision of doctoral students and PDRAs; completion rates for PhDs
  • Alternative metrics/altmetrics (measures of social media engagement)
  • Indicators of national and international esteem

Why do we use research metrics?

  • Researchers use metrics to help understand the standing fo their working within the context of other research
  • The University uses metrics to understand progress towards our strategic goals.
  • External agencies such as THE use them as part of their methodology for ranking institutions

When used appropriately, metrics can provide an indication of performance which can reduce the time burden associated with intensive auditing and reviewing processes. 

How can we help?

This site is designed to help everyone interested in research metrics whether new to the concept or used to using them. 


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