Impact Award Winners 2019

Outstanding Impact in Health

Winner: Professor Arri Coomarasamy (MDS) – for changing global practice around maternal health

Commended: Professor Nick Lomas (LES) – for using genomic epidemiology to transform epidemiological investigations, especially in the 2014 -2016 Ebola outbreak

Commended: Professor Alexandra Sinclair (MDS) – for improving the lives of those with the rare condition, Idiopathic Intracranial hypertension, through the identification of a new treatment.

Outstanding Impact in Society

Winner: Dr Victoria Goodyear (LES) – for her work on young people’s use of social media and digital technologies

Outstanding Impact in Technical Innovation

Winner: Professor Lee Chapman (LES) - for using networks of low cost sensors to make it cheaper and more efficient to maintain roads in the winter.

Outstanding International Impact

Winner: Dr Natasa Mavronicola (CAL) – for informing UN Policy on the prohibition on torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment.

Winner: Dr Sami Bensassi (CoSS) – for responding to smuggling in Tunisia, changing policies and improving economic wellbeing.

Commended: Professor Joan Duda and Dr Paul Appleton (LES) – for their Empowering Coaching programme now active in 15 countries, benefiting tens of thousands of children and improving the practice of thousands of coaches.

Commended: Professor Sabine Lee (CAL) – for changing policies about and the treatment of Children Born of War nationally and internationally.

Outstanding Impact in Public Policy

Winner: Professor Kai Bongs and the Quantum Technology Hub (EPS) - for changing how we understand the potential of Quantum Technologies and for his work in securing long-term funding for QT in the UK.

Outstanding Emerging Impact

Winner: Professor Karen Yeung (CAL/EPS) – for shaping EU policy on the ethics and human rights implications of Artificial Intelligence and automated data processing.

Commended: Dr Biao Cai (EPS): for exciting innovations in the recycling of aluminium

DPVC Award for Outstanding Support for Impact


Winner: The Communications and Reputation Teams both centrally and in colleges, led by Jo Kite and Claire Doggett, for the developmentand delivery of an exceptional, impact-focussed Heroes campaign that has helped in real ways to build the impact of UoB research, and for great support from the press teams to build external recognition for our research and impact.  Including College Research Comms Managers Claire Wickett, Danann Swanton, Chloe Ainslie, Claire Packer, Hannah Twist, Caroline Durbin and Emma McKinney, Hasan Patel and Rebecca Lockwood 

Winner: The Public Affairs team: Jen Crisp, Jez Swan, Kate McGowan and Lizzie Kirsch for exceptional support for the delivery of policy-based impact across the University.


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