From here you can find out about opportunities to Study Abroad, or with Universitas 21 - the international network of research-led universities, of which the University of Birmingham is a founding member.

UG various Fridlund Rabone Piets Nistor Robins

Undergraduate Awardees at our U21 Celebration BBQ, Hornton Grange

From left to right: Michelle Fridlund (Physics & Astronomy, travelling to the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference on Ageing in Society at Tecnologico De Monterrey, Mexico), Joshua Rabone (Biosciences, U21 Summer School on Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Katherine Piets (Hispanic Studies, Social Entrepreneurship Project, Ecuador - led by University of Connectcut), Patricia Nistor and Emily Robins (both Museums and Collections Award, to Lund and Melbourne respectively). 



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