Book pricing and delivery


If you have any other binding requirements not covered below, or for more information please contact us.


Temporary binding

Standard temporary: £7.50 each

Clear front temporary: £7.50 each

Fastback (spine lettered): £11.50 each


Channel binding

Channel binding: £9.50 each


Hard binding

5-day service:

1–2 copies: £26.50 per copy

3–4 copies: £24.50 per copy

Additional copies: £22.50 each


48-hour service:

1–2 copies: £36.50 per copy

3–4 copies: £34.50 per copy

Additional copies: £31.50 each


Same-day service (copies must be brought in by 9.30am):

1–2 copies: £53.50 per copy

3–4 copies: £48.50 per copy

Additional copies: £44.50 each


Additional services (for hard binding only):

Front board lettering: from £7.00


Journal and periodical binding

Spine height              Binding price

228mm (9")                       £21.50

279mm (11")                     £26.50

330mm (13")                     £30.00


For books over 13" in size add £2.10 per inch to price.



Gold Lines: £4.50

Lettering Labels: £5.00


Prices include labelling, security tagging and standard preparation prior to sewing.


Newspaper binding

Buckram bindings from £55.00 – please contact us for a quote.



Finished documents can either be collected from the Bindery at the Kings Norton Business Centre or sent directly to you. If you can't visit us in person to drop off your documents, you can post them and pay over the phone or by cheque. For contact details and a location map please see the contact us section.


Customers from the UK have their orders sent through Parcelforce™ and overseas customers receive theirs through international DHL.

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