Museums and Collections Award

Successful candidates from will work for one month on a museum or collection project, hosted by the University of Melbourne or Lund University, Sweden.

The project undertaken will have set objectives to be completed during the one-month placement. The student will also be exposed to other facets of the cultural collections, through activities such as  attendance at meetings, workshops or spending the day with other museums and collections staff from across the university, including curators, collection managers, archivists and conservators in order to get a more comprehensive picture of what their work entails. This broadening experience will also enhance the student’s understanding of the different issues currently facing university collections.

The projects may include (or be a combination of):

• Conservation/preservation

• Significance assessment

• Documentation and cataloguing

• Research

• Interpretation

• Exhibition development

As well as the assigned project and associated tasks, the student may include in their placement a period of self-directed study that engages with an aspect of the host institution’s collections that is of particular interest to them. The student will need to include this area of interest on the application form and it will be negotiated with the host institution. The placement will take place over the course of a month (August to early September summer 2015, exact dates tbc )and may be used to enrich your academic studies as well as gaining professional skills to enhance your CV.

Eligibility & how to apply

Applications are now closed for our 2015 awards and will re-open in the New Year.

2014 award winner 

Lucy Cooper  "My confidence has been given an immeasurable boost. The projects I was assigned to lifted me out of my comfort zone and made for a mind-expanding and horizon broadening experience. I now apply for paid positions and internships that I would have never considered myself suitable for before."





















Lucy Cooper (MA Heritage Management) at the University of Melbourne, August 2014


You can read Lucy Cooper's report detailing her experiences at Melbourne and the benefits she took from her placement. Lucy's blog from her time in Melbourne is also well worth a read!

Previous winners

Chloe Lund (BA History of Art) submitted a report and a blog on her time at Melbourne in 2013. Emily Millward also wrote a blog during her 2012 placement.

Further information

For more information on both museums and collections at the University of Birmingham and the University of Melbourne’s see  and

 If you have any further questions relating to this award please contact Matt Clulee, International Projects Officer on


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