U21 PhD Scholarships and the U21 Graduate Research Conference

Graduate Research Conference, Auckland University: 'Celebrating Ageing Research' 1- 4 July 2014

International Relations are offering two places and associated bursaries of £1,500 each to support travel to this year’s Universitas 21 Graduate Research Conference at the University of Auckland, 1st-4th July 2014. The successful applicants programme fee will be paid for as well, which will cover accommodation, food and airport pickups.

Eligibility: Postgraduate Research students who will have completed the first year of their PhD by the time of the conference are eligible to apply. In exceptional circumstances, applications from final year undergraduate students may also be considered.

Themes: The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Celebrating Ageing Research’ with four identified sub-themes across a multitude of academic disciplines. Each applicant will be asked to submit a 250 word abstract against one of the following themes:

• ‘Making Ends Meet’, which will focus on meeting the financial and economic needs of older people (a economic/social focus)
• ‘An Ageing Society: Growing Old and Staying Connected’ (a social/cultural/demographic focus)
• ‘The Ticking Clock: Biological Aspects of Ageing’, (a biological focus)
• ‘A Slippery Slope? Optimizing the Health Journey for People as they Age’ (a medical focus)

Please note applications for this conference have now closed. Details on the 2015 event will be posted here in the new year.

U21 PhD Scholarships

International Relations offer a number of scholarships each year to assist PhD students in travelling to our U21 partners. Each scholarship pays up to £1,500 to assist a student with travelling and accommodation costs. A visit might usually be expected to be for a period of approximately one month. For a full list of U21 institutions please visit the official U21 website: http://www.universitas21.com/member

How to Apply

Please click below to access an application form and guidelines for the U21 PhD Scholarships:



The deadline for applications is now closed.


2013 PhD Scholarship winners:


Some of our successful PhD Scholars at the U21 Celebration event in June, due to travel in 2013-14, with destinations in brackets. From left: Geoffrey Mills, Aimee Fox-Godden, Simon Phelan, Chiara Mingarelli, Sarah Penny, Elena Perez-Alvaro.

Please see below for their thesis titles and destinations.


 Full list of 2013 U21 PhD Scholarship winners


Name School College Destination Thesis Title
Aimee Fox-Godden History CAL UNSW Addressing the gap in the ‘learning curve’ of the British and Commonwealth forces in the First World War by examining the learning relationship between the Western Front and the subsidiary theatres.
Chiara Mingarelli Physics and Astronomy EPS UBC Exploring the use of PTAs (Pulsar Timing Arrays) to detect gravitational wave s from supermassive black hole binaries . 
Elena Perez-Alvaro Mechanical Engineering EPS Queensland Human remains as watery graves: protection of shipwrecks containing human remains. 
Enrico Vanino Economics CoSS HKU The behaviour and strategic interaction between Chinese and European firms in areas such as international trade and direct foreign investment.
Geoffrey Mills EDACS CAL UConn The composition of a campus novel with a strong comic thrust and a supporting investigation into the recurring elements of farce found in the academic novels of three well known practitioners: Kingsley Amis, Malcolm Bradbury and David Lodge.
Guanxiong Wang Mechanical Engineering EPS UNSW To develop a multilevel filter capable of separating molecular components from complex fluids including blood plasma, aimed at biomedical and healthcare applications requiring blood analysis.
Jiayuan Li Government and Society CoSS UBC Exploring the time trend of life satisfaction in China over the past two decades and report a marked decline in happiness. 
Samantha Husbands Health Sciences MDS UBC Identify and develop best practice guidance for building decision-analytic models, which are utilised in health care funding decisions internationally. 
Sarah Penny Immunity and Infection MDS Virginia Research into identified phosphor-antigens related to colorectal and oesophageal cancers with the aim of discovering potential new immunotherapeutic targets.
Simon Phelan Sport and Exercise Science LES Queensland Examining the learning culture within a British Olympic high performance centre in investigating how the workplace enables or constrains coach professional learning. 
Thea Buckley Shakespeare Institute CAL Delhi Exploring the intersection between Shakespeare’s original English works and selected new local language Indian adaptations.  

  Full list of 2012 PhD Scholarship winners and links to their reports

First Name Surname School College Destination
Carla Aloe Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music CAL UBC
Emma  Login IAA CAL Virginia
Herjeet Marway Philosophy, Theology, Religion CAL McGill
Sarah Baker Metallurgy and Metals EPS Lund
Naomi  Green Mechanical Engineering EPS Dublin
Felix Rehern Mathematics EPS Auckland
Alex Upton Electronic Electrical and Computer Engineering EPS Auckland
Congxiao Zhao Civil Engineering EPS HKU
Katharine Chisholm Psychology LES Melbourne
Paul Coleman Life and Environmental Science LES Melbourne
Kareen Heinze Psychology LES Melbourne
Johnny Lau Psychology LES Queensland
Katharine Mumford Psychology LES Connecticut

 2011 PhD Scholarship winners and links to their reports


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