Research - External Relations Team Priorities


  • Ensure Research Communication Strategies are in place for each College and develop cross-university research communications community to support delivery of strategy and in particular Impact agenda
  • Undertake major review of research within the website and support profile raising and bid related activity for major new research initiatives (Institute of Global Innovation and Development, Global Challenges) 
  • Ensure ER is influencing wider research activity where it impacts on our targets  eg reputation, recruitment 

 Educational Enterprise

  • Promote and encourage the use of MOOCs and similar platforms to help demonstrate impact of research

 International Relations

  • Lead implementation of refreshed institutional strategy for Brazil
  • Further develop partnership opportunities with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne (UIUC)
  • Execute research-led international strategy development
  • Deliver a refocussed partnership strategy in India
  • Increase citations and research income from collaborative projects with key partners in China


  • Enhance the University’s reputation regionally, nationally and globally, showcasing research impact
  • Working in collaboration with Colleges, identify areas where profile raising activity can support research bids and other strategic priorities


  • Grow our market share of Postgraduate students, delivering a project to refine our approach to marketing, recruitment and admissions