Finance Cutover Plan

The Finance cutover plan is mainly set around two key Friday dates: Friday 3rd May 2019 and Friday 10th May 2019. The key reason for the difference in dates is due to the background work that needs to take place and the complexity around it. So if you don’t remember anything else please remember the deadline is Friday!

Whilst purchasing cards would be the obvious way to cover purchasing items during this time, due to systems interface and changes to chart of accounts, these cards cannot be used during this time. Corporate Credit Cards will be unaffected.

Please make every effort to pre plan any purchases that need to be made during this time and ensure these are raised in advance. If you need to make an emergency payment or purchase during this time, please contact: Steven Cutler, Deputy Director of Finance (, Sarah Wright, Head of Transaction Services ( or Jonathan Jones, Director of Procurement (

Finance Area

Key Date

What this means?

New supplier set ups

18th April 2019

Quality of master data into the new system is key and therefore time is needed to ensure that all information is gathered and checked for suppliers.

Payroll – Overtime

3rd May 2019

Last date for authorised overtime claims to be with Payroll.

Sundry Invoices

3rd May 2019

All authorised sundry invoice requests received up to this date will be raised.

Supplier Invoices

3rd May 2019

Final date for invoices to be received to go on final payment run.

Internal Purchase Orders

3rd May 2019

Due to kinetics interface requirements the last date for internal orders.

Purchase Orders – Complex

3rd May 2019

If you want to raise an approved order that is over £25k,or is a single source supplier.

Purchase Orders – Science Warehouse

10th May 2019

This is specifically for Science Warehouse approved orders, other non-complex orders see below.

Other Purchase Orders

10th May 2019

Approved purchase orders that are for current approved suppliers and under £25k.

Goods Receipting

10th May 2019

All goods received to be receipted by this date. Goods received after this date will need to be receipted in the new system after go live.


Work Tribe – Costing and Pricing

10th May 2019

We will be unable to use Worktribe to produce new costings between 10th May and 3rd June; academics and Research Support staff should, wherever possible, plan ahead for upcoming application deadlines that fall within this three week period and ensure that costings are completed and saved to Excel before 10th May.

New research project codes

10th May 2019

Final date for new project codes to be set up.

Foreign Currency Orders / Currency Cards

10th May 2019

Deadline for authorised orders on Proactis or authorised requests for card top up’s.

Payroll – Expenses staff and non-staff

10th May 2019

The expense claim needs to be submitted and authorised by this date for payment to be made.

Research – contract requests

17th May 2019

No new contract requests will be accepted from 17 May. Any existing contracts already in the system will continue to be actioned by the team but any new requests after this date will need to be logged in the new system following go-live on 3 June.

During cutover all open purchase orders live in the system from January 2017 will be migrated over. This includes all external and internal orders.

Payday in May will be as normal, 30th May 2019.

Key travel is still available during cutover.