Worktribe Costing and Pricing System

Earlier this year the Research Support Group implemented a new IT system for Research Costing and Pricing. We selected the Worktribe system which offered the best combination of state-of-the-art web based costing functionality with the most simple and intuitive user interface which will make the system accessible to a wide range of both academic and professional services staff.

The Worktribe Research Management System is a comprehensive solution supporting the management of all stages of the development and approval of research grants. The costing and pricing module represents one element of the overall system which will be introduced as part of the New Core project.

Compared to the previous in-house developed costing tool, which could only be accessed by the central Research Finance team, the new system can be accessed by the entire University research community. It gives academic staff greater flexibility to scope different cost options for research proposals themselves, which means that project costings can be developed more quickly without always needing to be referred to a small central finance team. The system has also enhanced the service provided by College-based research support teams and the Business Engagement teams, who can offer costing and pricing advice alongside their other support for developing funding proposals.

The system has been well received by academic and professional services staff, and work is ongoing to raise awareness of its benefits to the academic research community. The project to implement the costing and pricing module has provided valuable learnings that will help the work of the New Core project team in the development and roll out the full Worktribe Research Management System by 2019.

David Law
Head of Research Support Group


Professional Services