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Science Business launching COVID-19 Gateway (14 May)
SB has launch a gateway providingan open access, “one-stop-shop” for anybody interested in COVID research, that includes
• A Database of Coronavirus funding opportunities across the world
• A LIVE BLOG: R&D response to COVID-Pandemic
• A series of live webcasts around hot research topics related to COVID-19

UKRI COVID-19 related funded projects (10 May)
UKRI has created a lis of C19 projects they are funding. Visit:

NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Partnership (23rd April)
A new NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Partnership brings together researchers from across the NIHR and the BHF-funded infrastructure to develop collaborative initiatives and is calling for proposals. More information:


UKRI provides costed extension to UKRI PhD studentships  (20th April)
UKRI-funded PhD students in their final year whose studies have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic will be provided with additional support in the form of a costed extension for UP TO 6 months (it will require a justification). See details and FAQs at

European COVID-19 Data Platform Launched (20th April)
The European Commission is developing a new EU platform for sharing, storing and analysing COVID-19-related research findings. To participate, visit:

COVID-19 Research Project Tracker (20th April)
A live database of research projects on COVID-19 supported by various funders, including the European Commission, has been developed jointly by UKCDR and GloPID-R. To view the projects, visit:

Science Europe writes to the European Commission about impact of CODID-19 on Horizon 2020 (9th April)
The umbrella body of the national research councils across Europe, whose UKRI is part of, has written to the EC about mitigating the impact of COVID19 on calls as well as funded project. The letter can downloaded here.


Wellcome Trust provides salary and stipend supplements to most grants (9th April)
WT will consider grant extension and salary and stipend supplements for many of the grant types, as follows: 6 months for grants ending March-Dec 2020 & 3 months for grants ending Jan-Dec 2021.  Wt will also consider essential animal costs for grants ending in 2020 and 2021, and clinical trials costs where they are active now and impacted directly by the pandemic. See more at:


COVID-19 European collaboration platform (8th April)

Crowdhelix has launched a new Covid-19 initiative, in collaboration with Science Business to link all researchers whose expertise can help tackle Coronavirus. The University is a member of Crowdhelix and Science business. To find out more, visit:


Position from Association of Medical Research Charities (8th April)

AMRC is calling for emergency funds to support existing research and protect future research. See statement and briefing at:


UKRI extending Open Deadlines (3 April 2020)

UKRI has extended all the deadlines for the Open Calls. All the other deadlines remain the same. See summary:


National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) (1 April 2020)

The British Geoscience Data centre is NERC’s Environmental Data Centre for geoscience data. They have informed us that due to COVID19 disruptions that their services to key stakeholders such as UoB, for example to respond to queries or ingesting research data to the data centre are more limited than normally. The NGDC grants team are monitoring the NGDC inbox as well as our individual inboxes, but there may be a delay in getting back to individual researchers.


NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and Clinical Research Facilities (30th March 2020)

No decision on the details of a future NIHR BRC and CRF competition have been made at this time. However, in light of the unprecedented efforts being made across the system to tackle COVID-19 there will be no new open competition for NIHR BRC or CRFs before April 2021. NIHR will extend BRC and CRF contracts to cover the gap caused by delaying the competition(s).


NIHR Prioritisation of COVIR19 related research (30th March 2020)

COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research is being prioritised to gather the necessary clinical and epidemiological evidence that will inform national policy and enable new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to be developed and tested for COVID-19. Any research to do with COVID-19 and the NHS or patients, must go through an approval process, even if it is funded from overseas sources. Further information at:


Pharmacoepidemiological studies related to the Covid-19 (26th March 2020)

In order to support the sharing of information on performed or planned studies and increase the efficiency of research, ENCePP and EMA strongly encourage all researchers to register their pharmacoepidemiological studies related to the Covid-19 pandemic in the EU PAS Register available on the ENCePP website. Please do so using the following link:


Working with us during campus closure

RSS is continuing to provide the fullest support possible to our academic community on high priority activities whilst working remotely and in unusual circumstances.

To ensure the best service possible, we are encouraging all colleagues to work with us in prioritising requests for support and being considerate in terms of providing sufficient time ahead of deadlines for requests to be appropriately considered and processed. For example, with new research proposals, we encourage academic staff to get in touch with your local Research Development and Support teams at the earliest opportunity before a deadline. Research contracts are still being received through Worktribe in the usual way. At present we are prioritising any matters related to COVID-19 research as urgent and we will try to meet other urgent requests but please be aware that by doing so other matters will be delayed further from ‘our usual service standard’.

RSS is actively monitoring our main research funders’ policies both with respect to deadlines for proposals and existing, funded projects.  We are working with Professor Tim Softley PVC (R&KT) and other Russell Group research offices to actively engage these funders to seek clarifications especially in relation to projects that have been disrupted due to Covid-19 and will be posting updates on this page.

About the approach from our main funders


The approach of our main funders is compiled in one document, which is available for download (version 7th May).

The document is normally updated every Thursday afternoon, unless a major change between. If no update, there is no major change on previous week. For the latest information, in case of doubt or unable to find the relevant information on the funders' page, contact the relevant RSS team who will more than happy to advise.


Some key advice:

  • Funders may decide to changes deadlines for proposals and reporting or their approach to funded projects e.g. granting a no-cost extension in view of the exceptional circuntances surrounding COVID-19. Academic staff are strongly encouraged to check with funders if the deadline(s) they are working to has changed or not. Do not assume that it has changed as funders are taking different approaches.
  • We strongly advise academic staff to avoid delaying proposal submission and grant reporting activities to your funders unnecessarily, even if deadlines have been extended.  This will hopefully avoid creating a backlog of submissions or claims and impacting future submissions and claims.
  • If delays in submission or claims are unavoidable please discuss with relevant RSS team.
  • In the event of unavoidable delays which put us at risk of not meeting any funder deadlines for bid submissions or post award reporting it is important that academic and Professional Services work as one in requesting extensions from funders to enable activity to be completed.

COVID-19 related funding opportunities

Funders have issued a number of funding opportunities to tackle COVID-19 and its impact on people, society and the economy.

Contact your Research Development and Support Team to find out more and get some help in applying.

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