Working with us during the period of campus closure

RSS is continuing to provide the fullest support possible to our academic community on high priority activities whilst working remotely and in unusual circumstances.

To ensure the best service possible, we are encouraging all colleagues to work with us in prioritising requests for support and being considerate in terms of providing sufficient time ahead of deadlines for requests to be appropriately considered and processed. For example, with new research proposals, we encourage academic staff to get in touch with your local Research Development and Support teams at the earliest opportunity before a deadline. For academics requiring support with a research contract please be aware of the guideline contract completion times set out under ‘our service standard’.

RSS is actively monitoring our main research funders’ policies both with respect to deadlines for proposals and existing, funded projects.  We are working with Professor Tim Softley PVC (R&KT) and other Russell Group research offices to actively engage these funders to seek clarifications especially in relation to projects that have been disrupted due to Covid-19 and will be posting updates on this page.


About the approach from our main funders

Funders may decide to changes deadlines for proposals and reporting or their approach to funded projects e.g. granting a no-cost extension in view of the exceptional circuntances surrounding COVID-19.

Academic staff are strongly encouraged to check with funders if the deadline(s) they are working to has changed or not. Do not assume that it has changed as funders are taking different approaches.

RSS has compiled the approach for our main funders in one document, which is available for download.

In case of doubt and unable to find the relevant information on the funders' page, contact the relevant RSS team who will more than happy to advise.

Some key advice:

  • We strongly advise academic staff to avoid delaying proposal submission and grant reporting activities to your funders unnecessarily, even if deadlines have been extended.  This will hopefully avoid creating a backlog of submissions or claims and impacting future submissions and claims.
  • If delays in submission or claims are unavoidable please discuss with relevant RSS team.
  • In the event of unavoidable delays which put us at risk of not meeting any funder deadlines for bid submissions or post award reporting it is important that academic and Professional Services work as one in requesting extensions from funders to enable activity to be completed.




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