Ethical Review Forms

The various forms required to apply for University ethical approval are explained below, and can be downloaded/accessed by clicking on the links to the right.


  • Online self-assessment form

    For all staff and postgraduate research student research projects, this form should be submitted as the first stage of the ethical review process (this also now acts, where relevant, as a request for sponsorship in line with the Department of Health's Research Governance Framework). It will indicate whether further ethics review is required, or whether no further action is necessary (likely in the case of very low risk projects).
  • Application for ethical review (AER) form

    If further ethics review is required (as indicated by the self assessment form) an AER should be submitted and ethical approval obtained before the commencement of a staff or postgraduate research student project. In the case of postgraduate student research projects, the AER should be submitted by the student's academic supervisor.

    Guidance notes (including question-specific guidance) which you may wish to consult before completing the AER.

    Once the AER is submitted, the data is captured by the Research Ethics Team. Within five days of the receipt of the AER, the Ethics Team will acknowledge receipt. All AERs should be submitted by email to . Paper copies should be retained but are not required by the Research Ethics Team.

    The Application for Ethical Review will be considered by one of the University Ethical Review Committees. As the Committee members are dependent upon information supplied, the he PI/supervisor shall ensure that the information supplied in the application form is properly researched, full, truthful and accurate.
  • Application for Ethical Review Renewal Form

    Ethical approval is granted for the duration of a project or for 5 years, whichever is the lesser. If you need to apply to renew a previously granted ethical approval, please download and complete the Application for Ethical Review Renewal form, and submit this to the Research Ethics Office via email All AERs should be submitted by email to . Please do this in good time before the expiry of the initial ethical approval, to ensure that your ethical approval is continuous.
  • Application for ethical review amendment form

    If you wish to amend an Application for Ethical Review which has previously received ethical approval, please download and complete an Application for Ethical Review Request for Amendments Form, and submit this to the Research Ethics Office via email to .

    Amendments requiring approval may include, but are not limited to, additions to the research protocol, study population, recruitment of participants, access to personal records, research instruments, or participant information and consent documentation. Amendments must be approved by before they are implemented.
  • Programmes of Work

    University researchers may apply for ethical approval for a Programme of Work if they are undertaking a number of linked studies with common research objectives and methodology. Programme Applications are intended to allow investigators to gain ‘umbrella’ ethical approval for interlinked studies without needing to submit a Full Application for ethical review to the Committee for each individual study.  Please contact The Ethics Team for further information, and to obtain a copy of the relevant application form to submit.