Research Grant Set-Up and Support


The grant set-up process

The set-up of research projects is an increasingly complex process, due to regulatory and governance expectations from funders, as well as the need for complex internal preparations in advance of a grant starting. The set-up phase for a project can involve a large number of preparatory steps – including HR, space requirements, equipment procurement, IT provision, risk assessment, contractual agreements, ethical approval, relevant regulatory and governance checks and approvals.

Download the Grant Set-up guide here.

If you need more information, please visit our detailed guidance page or get in touch with the team below.

The grant set-up team

The Research Grant Set-up and Support Team is a new centralised service providing support to academic staff during project set-up. Although based within Research Support Services, the team operates flexibly across the Colleges, and has oversight of all aspects of the grant set-up process. The team is able to provide expert advice during this set-up time, as well as troubleshooting any major issues which emerge during the process.

How we can help

The team provides support from award notification through to the point where research can be started. The service provided centres around expert advice with dedicated support for complex grants for all academics, but with a particular focus on early career researchers, academics who are new to the University of Birmingham including transfers, and new PIs.

Academics and professional services staff can get in touch with the team using the details at the bottom of the page. Each grant will be assigned a facilitator who will remain dedicated to the grant throughout the set-up process. To find out more about the facilitators, visit our Meet the Team page. Your named facilitator will be in contact within three working days of your initial email. In addition, information and guidance is also available through our Grant-setup guidance page.

The team can provide support and advice for all research grant awards, although EU, International, Business Engagement and Strategic Project grants will usually be dealt with by the existing teams dedicated to these areas – see the Useful Links section to find out more.

The team also aims to provide support to research teams who have encountered serious project delays or disruptions as a result of internal administrative requirements.  Where input is needed from multiple professional services teams, the Grant Set-up and Support team can help to co-ordinate this activity and help to get the project back on track.

Contact us

To get in touch with the team, please email the inbox for your College and attach the grant proposal and award letter (or notification of award if the award letter is not yet available). Your named facilitator will then contact you within three working days.

Useful links

College Research Support teams

Central Research Support Services teams


Trusted Funder Policy

In order to improve the process for the recruitment of staff onto research projects we have introduced a ‘trusted funder’ policy. This speeds up the grant set up process by enabling the staff recruitment process to start immediately upon receipt of a formal research award notification from a specified list of our most frequent funding organisations. The policy and guidelines are available in full.