Europe Hub - Calendar of Events

The following list provides a brief oversight of the kind of events being held at our Euruope Hub helping individuals to achieve engamenet in a European context.

 Organiser  Event  Description

Megan Davies

(CAL, Theology & Religion)

Mid-project meeting

7 February 2020:  The CATENA Project held it's 21 month mid-project meeting at the Europe Hub.  CATENA is a Consolidator Grant funded by the European Research Council between 2018 and 2023, working on manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. The purpose of the meeting was to present to specialists the proposed manuscript catalogue created by the project and to gather advice for the future direction of the second half of the project. Five members of the project team from the UK and one from Belgium attended: the external experts consisted of eight people from three Belgian universities, four people from two German universities, and two people from French institutions. The day was very successful and the external participants struck by the venue and its facilities are already hoping that a further meeting may be arranged early in 2021.

Jon Oldfield



The Workshop ‘Climate science legacies and contemporary climate policy & action’ (19 December 2019) brought together an interdisciplinary group of academics from Russia, the EU, and the USA in order to reflect critically on the connections between intellectual legacies and contemporary science/policy with respect to climate change. The three main sessions focussed on (i)History of science, (ii)Policy and action, and (iii)Science, social science & politics. The workshop formed part of the AHRC-funded project ‘Soviet climate science and its intellectual legacies’ 

Martin Trybus

(CAL, Law)

ITN Training Course

On 23 and 24 September 2019 the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) on European Trade and Investment Policy (EUTIP) delivered its 6th Advanced Training Course (ATC6) on “Developing impact: from academic research to policy change on EU trade and investment” at the UoB Europe Hub. The event was organised by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR). EUTIP is coordinated by Professor Martin Trybus, Director of the Institute of European Law at the University of Birmingham.   

Iseult Lynch


NanoCommons Project Meeting

The first Periodic Review Meeting for the NanoCommons Project was held on 13 September 2019 and provided the opportunity to present to the European Commission the progress towards and outcome of all tasks within the reporting period.


Jaspal Charu and Lauren Blackwood

(CAL, Philosophy)

Micro-aggressions, Philosophy and Academica Conference

Jaspal and his colleague Lauren, both masters students at UoB, were successful in receiving an award to engage in Europe through our Europe Hub as part of their studies.  

They held a workshop on 4 July 2019 that attracted interested individuals from across Europe who came together to discuss the nature of micro-aggressions and how they operate within the classroom and more widely in academic with a relevance to philosophy.

Mohsen Abumuamar

(CoSS, International Development)

 Networking data collection interviews

Mohsen was successful in receiving an award to engage in Europe through our Europe Hub as part of his PhD studies.  

Mohsen, a Phd student at UoB, spent a week in July 2019 networking in Brussels carrying out a series of interviews contributing  to the collection of quality data for his PhD thesis. The data provided in-depth investigation of the research, and formed the backbone for analysis.  

Professor Jenny Phillimore

(CAL, Social Policy)

UK/Japan Migration networking meeting  

The New and Old Diversity Exchange UK-Japan meeting took place on 27 June 2019  in the Europe Hub.  NODE is the UKRI and Japan SSH funded network aimed at developing collaborations between universities in the UK and Japan around migration.  IRiS at UoB are the lead with the Institute for Asian Migration at Waseda University.  The event was attended by 5 colleagues from Japan led by Prof Gracia Liu-Farrer and Prof Glenda Roberts and 6 from UoB.  Presentations and discussions focused upon 5 themes: history, literature and discourse, economy, society and policy/politics and the common and divergent ground across UK/Japan.

The event resulted in a Call for Papers for researchers to engage in UK/Japan collaborations.

Dr Fraser Sugden

(LES, Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences)

AGRUMIG Consoritum meeting

The new EU-funded AGRUMIG consortium, of which the University of Birmingham is a Steering Group member, held a Policy Dialogue on 7-8 May 2019. The event, 'Migration: Deeper understanding, better responses', brought together EU and global policy actors with researchers from ten countries in Europe, Africa and Asia to look at issues of migration governance and rural change. The event included presentations, panel discussions, break out discussion groups, a round table and informal sessions during breaks. 

Dr Patricia Lalor

(MDS, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy)

ET Marie Curie ITN consortium 

We hosted a meeting for the ET Marie Curie ITN consortium ‘DeLiver’ at the Europe Hub on 29th April 2019. This consortium combines the expertise of biophysicists and cell biologists across Europe to use ultra high resolution microscopic approaches to understand more about the biology of the sinusoidal endothelial cells that line the blood vessels in the liver.

The purpose of our meeting was for our mid-term review with our REA project officer  It was an excellent networking opportunity for both the supervisors and students, and all were impressed by both the location of the Europe HuB and the facility itself.


(RSS, Sally Wiley)

2021-2027: What the future holds for Education and Research

2021-2027: What the future holds for Education and Research

UnILiON is an informal network (9 April 2019) of over 40 liaison offices representing more than 120  universities represented in Brussels across Europe, Japan and Russia.  The network provides a forum for members to exchange and share information, create collaborations and act as information multipliers towards the represented organisations.

UoB are members of the network as well as a member of the secretariat and were responsible for organising the event that was hosted at our Europe Hub.

The event provided the opportunity to listen and exchange information on the latest developments regarding the future Erasmus+ programme and Horizon Europe, as well as to hear about the priorities for the Romanian Presidency on R&I.  Speakers were:

  • Ms Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Head of Unit, DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture
  • Mrs Virginia Enache, Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU provided the opportunity to listen to and exchange information.

Professor Martin Freer

(EPS, Physics)

EIT Climate-KIC Event (Connected Clusters)  

The meeting (8 April 2019) was part of a European Commission EIT Climate-KIC project called Connected Clusters. It involves the cities of Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Frankfurt and Valencia. The clusters are each innovation clusters associated with delivering innovation associated with climate change, reducing carbon emissions and delivering on climate change targets. The clusters are working together to connect best practice and drive developments of mutual benefit to the clusters. This includes linking business, developing training and skills, creating business and investment cases and examining common development challenges for the clusters. 

Professor Helen Abbott

(CAL, Modern Languages)

Showcasing Workshop

The AHRC-funded Baudelaire Song Project  led by Professor Helen Abbott organised a showcase event at University's Europe Hub in Brussels (15 March 2019) to launch the online database of all song settings of Baudelaire’s poetry and to open discussions around Baudelaire, music, and digital humanities. The day started with the Baudelaire Song Project team presenting their research findings and was followed by interventions from researchers and musicians from France, Belgium, and the UK. The day concluded with an acoustic concert by Brussels-based band Exsangue

Click here to access the database created for this work.

Dr Nando Sigona

(CoSS, Social Policy)

H2020 Pre-application meeting University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRIS) met in the Brussels Office (17 December 2019) with international partners from Germany, Poland, Norway, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium in preparation for a H2020 application for the call on the social and economic impact of migration in Europe. The consortium will be led by Dr Nando Sigona, Deputy Director of IRiS



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