Students and Casual Workers

Students and Casual Workers

  • If you are a casual worker and have a pay related query, you can submit a query through the payroll contact form. Please contact the Worklink team at for all other casual work queries.

There is a HMRC Starter Checklist guidelines document for new employees.


Bank Account Details

All new starters need to enter your bank account details on the system in order to receive a payment.  There are detailed guides on how to do this here:


Emergency tax

Under HMRC rules the payroll office must apply emergency tax if they have not received your new starter declaration form or your p45 from your previous employer.  If you think you have been charged emergency tax but have completed the form then you need to contact HMRC on 03002003300 NOT the payroll office.  HMRC will not speak to anyone on your behalf so you need to contact them direct either by phone or go online  Only HMRC can change a tax code and any discrepancy in your payslip is usually rectified in your following payment. 

 FAQS for Students and casual workers


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