July 2022 Winners

Finance Office Leadership are delighted to announce the winners of the local Finance Office recognition scheme. The following members have exemplified one of the values of the Finance Office.  Well done to all of those involved!

and the winners are....
 RecipientTeamValue Received for...
Jonathan Watkins UoBE Ambitious Work on technologies that will bring enduring benefits to clinical care of Covid.
Adam Shaw Transaction Services Collaborative Providing excellent customer service.
Lynne Kesterton CSOT Collaborative Being an overall invaluable member of CSOT and supportive colleague.
Matthew Home Procurement & Insurance Collaborative Supporting colleagues in UoBE in working through issues with some transactions.
Tracee Slater Business Partnering Collaborative Providing fantastic assistance with a funded research project that had experienced some issues.
Vikas Jolly Business Partnering Collaborative Assisting interviews as an EDI volunteer.
Dawn Morgan CSOT Innovative Tirelessly working to pull together a flawless Reporting Workshop.
Rebecca Benson Procurement & Insurance Responsible Hosting a visit from UMAL ahead of the commonwealth Games.
Semsa Zlomuzica UoBE Responsible Handling all financial transactions for UoBE and providing excellent day to day support alongside.

We would also like to note that the UoB Enterprise team have delivered a new Med Tech incubator at Bham Research Park, which has attracted 45k of external funding from the GBSLEP Growth Hub and West Midlands Combined Authority. This is a project with significant reputational impact for the University. Many of the team have been involved, but particular mention goes to Angie Reynolds, Andrew Cruxton, Anthony Clarke, and Martin Price for their work in this area.

 If you would like to nominate a colleague for the next round of awards, the form can be found here


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