November 2022 Winners

Finance Office Leadership are delighted to announce the winners of the local Finance Office recognition scheme. The following members have exemplified one of the values of the Finance Office.  Well done to all of those involved!

and the winners are....
 RecipientTeamValue Received for...
Kachi Ugorji CSOT Collaborative Covering her new role and old role at the same time after she was promoted.
Ben Cuffin-Munday Director’s Office Collaborative Leading on the refurbishment of a new collaborative office space that is being used by the corporate accounting, tax, and treasury teams.
Hayley Brown Business Partnering Responsible Stepping up to support College stakeholders and working hard to meet all deadlines for the college and Finance team.
Monika Cleland Corporate Accounting Collaborative Helping to develop the process around BRP Monthly Accounts, encouraging new ideas and helping to ease the audit with new ways to progress.
Michelle Palfrey Procurement & Insurance Collaborative Assisting with PO numbers for UEB recruitment, and helping to find swift solutions to issues they experienced.
Juliet Chikore Business Partnering Responsible Logging on during annual leave to answer and advise on time sensitive Audit and TRAC related queries, putting in much appreciated hard work.
Anna Sargent CSOT Collaborative Leading the team through the planning, progress, testing, and launch of Oracle recruit.
Mary Morgan UoBE Open Starting to coach her third apprentice, and ensuring they have a high-quality experience whilst working at the Research Park.
Jerel Whittingham UoBE Ambitious Chairing the steering group for a new Midlands investment vehicle.
Joëlle O’Toole  Procurement & Insurance Responsible Going above and beyond in assisting with an urgent requisition that had been returned.
Sam Lamb Corporate Accounting Responsible Consistently working hard to get the job done, taking responsibility for his work and putting in huge amounts of effort to meet deadlines.
Stephanie Ryding UoBE Open Stepping in to support a challenging project that a colleague was not able to fully carry out because of their child’s sudden illness.
Sue Bowen Transaction Services Open Supporting end-users and working over a week of leave to sort out payment issues to allow key deliveries to continue to other areas of the University.
Anthony Clarke UoBE Open Hosting several tours for the In2Science programme for disadvantaged lower sixth form STEM students.
Vanessa Wilkins Transaction Services Collaborative Supporting Campus Services during the Commonwealth Games and enabling them to maintain a good working relationship with their suppliers over this busy period.

We also received some team nominations! We would like to give special recognition to the entire CSOT team for their collaborative work on implementing Oracle Recruit. Additionally, we would also like to note the outstanding work done by Monika, Semsa, and Salik for their consistently dedicated work with the University’s subsidiary companies.

The Recognition Scheme is open at all times if you would like to nominate a colleague in Finance who you feel has been displaying qualities related to one of the above themes. Please also note that nominations are welcomed from outside of Finance – if you see feedback from others, you would be welcome to send the form to them in case they would like to submit a nomination themselves!

 If you would like to nominate a colleague for the next round of awards, the form can be found here


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