How to re-schedule a report

In the “how to schedule a BOXI report” tutorial we look at the basics of how to schedule reports.  There is a way to quickly and easily re-schedule reports if you have more than one report to schedule. 

In Step 7 of the previous tutorial (link is here: we were left looking at the history page. 

Instead of exiting that page, if you were to highlight the report and go to Actions ? Reschedule this takes you back into the rescheduling process. 


BOXI will remember all of your previously entered prompts so that all you have to do is change what needs to be changed (the element 3 range, or who it is going to, for example). 

If you reschedule a report which hasn’t started you will see a new option on the left hand side of the screen: 


You can either choose to replace the existing schedule or create a new schedule from the existing schedule by using the radar buttons provided.

All other prompts remain the same as before.