There are two sorts of requisitions – one through marketplace where you can search suppliers’ online catalogues – we refer to this as “the Marketplace”, or if the supplier does not have an online catalogue, then we use non-marketplace requisition.

For Internal orders you can now enter your request for items through proactis: Https://

The old paper Purchase Order Requisition Document (PORD) is still in use for requesting goods or services that will require payment by Purchase/Credit Card.

Raising a requisition through marketplace from a catalogue

Raising a Non catalogue requisition

Authorising or rejecting a requisition

Consolidating Requisitions

The "buyer" consolidates (groups) the items into orders, for example all items requisitioned from Office Depot being delivered to the same address will be consolidated onto one draft order. The Buyer must only consolidate items with the SAME VAT code. The Buyer MUST then submit the draft order.

Once the order is submitted there is no need for any further authorisation, the order goes straight to the supplier via the marketplace and goods are delivered as requested. Upon delivery goods are receipted and invoiced in Proactis in the usual manner.

The College/Corporate Service Finance Leads have identified who has each role. As users are granted the roles they are notified by email. The Finance Leads have also identified who are the owners of each account code for authorization.