Property Damage

The University holds insurance cover for all buildings, contents and equipment owned by or in the custody or control of the University. This includes items temporarily removed to other locations or in transit with limits of £250,000 any one consignment and £60,000 any one item. It should, however, be noted that the University carries a £25,000 deductible on all property claims of which only £1,000 is passed onto a Budget Centre.

In the event of a break-in where forced entry has taken place it is important that the University Security Section are notified and the local police who will make a note of details of what has been stolen and the damage to our property and give a crime number. All reasonable steps need to be taken to make sure the area is made safe again and the Estates Office will need to be contacted to put this in motion and please note there is an urgent repairs telephone number 0121 414 6406.


John O'Keeffe, Head of Security and Emergency Planning

For general enquiries telephone 0121 414 3000 where one of the security personnel will be able to assist you. 

Recommendations regarding types of security devices for equipment etc. can be found on the university website at

Immediate notification of the acquisition or disposal of a single, or related, item/s costing £100,000 or more, must be made to the Finance Office Insurance Section.

No theft or accidental damage for personal property cover is available for and in general is brought to the University at the owner’s risk. Employees are, therefore, strongly recommended to extend their household contents policy to cover personal effects away from their home.