Public and Products Liability

Public Liability

Provides cover against claims from third parties for injury or loss of or damage to property arising in connection with the business of the University and caused by the negligence of the University, its employees or students when engaged in curricular activities.

Any contract to be drawn under a law other than that of the United Kingdom must be cleared by the Finance Office - before it is signed. Any contract which either includes the exportation of a 'physical' product to the USA or Canada, or which involves manual work in those two countries must be referred to insurers for their approval by the Finance Office before it is signed.

Principal exclusions include liability arising from the use of motorised vehicles, aircraft, aero spatial devices and water-borne craft.

Cover is extended to include damage to the property of employees caused by the negligence of the University.

Products Liability

This is included within the Public Liability Policy.

A product is anything sold, supplied, altered, constructed, erected, treated, installed, processed, transported or stored on behalf of the University (including containers, labeling, instructions or advice in connection therewith) and which is not in the possession of the University at the time of the occurrence other than food and/or drink sold or supplied.

The following letter has been prepared for the University to use where organisations we deal with require evidence of the cover we have in place.  Public and Products Liability Document.


Medical Malpractice

UMAL provide cover for Medical Malpractice within the Public & Products liability Policy.

This covers University employees and students who are engaged in Health and Social Care activities worldwide –excluding Medical Malpractice but includes:

  • Medical Malpractice (mis –treatment) claims against the University and its employees and students providing the students are working under the supervision of a medically qualified person.

There is a letter produced by insurers for the University confirming the policy in force and the limits applicable.