Health and Travel Cover for staff in Dubai

Health Insurance

It is important that we arrange Health Insurance cover for new starters at the earliest opportunity. This document – and in particular the checklist – is designed to provide guidance about what information is needed. There is also some advice about Travel Cover and information which can be shared with new starters wishing to arrange Health Insurance for family members.

For those travelling from the UK, much of the information on the checklist can be provided prior to departure although points 7 C and D, 12 and 13 (possibly) and 14 – 16 will need to be provided following arrival in Dubai. Please do not delay notification until this information is available – it can be provided as a follow up to the initial notification.

For new starters in Dubai - please complete and return this checklist.

For anybody leaving Dubai - please provide their name and leaving date, and ask the individual to return their insurance card to the Insurance Team in Birmingham.

Contact details are outlined below and to reduce the risk of new notifications being missed in the event of staff absence please ensure that the shared email address is used for all notifications:

The following document provides an overview of cover provided under the policy: Marsh Summary

This document provides details of hospitals and clinics within the BUPA network in the UAE. Once insurance is in place, treatment can be sourced from any provider who will bill BUPA direct for any sums above the excess, which is 20% of treatment costs, capped at AED 100, for outpatient treatment:

Travel Cover

UoB Travel Cover is available for anybody travelling on business for a period of up to two years. Anybody travelling from the UK should therefore apply for such cover, assuming they intend to return within two years, and similarly cover is available to anybody permanently based and residing in Dubai who travels on UoB business to the UK or elsewhere.

The following link takes you to the application process:

The following document summarises the level of cover provided under the policy: Travel summary of cover

Brexit Update

Advice for employees wishing to purchase Health Insurance for family members

Whilst we are not authorised or regulated to provide advice in this regard, we have spoken to our Brokers, Marsh, for some guidance on this. Unfortunately they cannot provide assistance to individuals but have suggested that the following contact details may be useful:

 Insurer Contact Name Telephone Number Postal AddressEmail Address  Comments/Web Address
 AETNA (Al Ain Ahlia
Insurance Co).
 Natasha Sodri  +971 4 438 7510  Al Ain Building, Al Khaleej
Street, P.O. Box 3541, Deira, Dubai. com


An international insurer.

www.alaininsurance. com
 Orient John Dimayacyac or Krishna Kumar  +971 4 237 2714  Orient Building, Al Badia, Dubai Festival City,P.O. Box 27966, Dubai.


One of the 12 participating insurers registered with Dubai Health Authority- more of a local/ regional insurer.

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