Expenses Guidance and Procedures  

The University's preferred supplier for Business Travel is Key Travel.

1. The University of Birmingham has developed a Policy together with procedural guidance relating to the reimbursement of expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of duties on behalf of the University. The policy complies with the requirements of H.M.R.C. (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – formerly Inland Revenue) on payment of expenses and benefits in kind. (Paragraph 1.1) 

2. For the benefit of staff and to comply with the principles of best practice, the University has appointed preferred travel agents in line with E.U. tendering procedures. The appointed agencies will handle business travel and accommodation needs and these should be used as set out in paragraph 2.2 and Appendix 3. 

3. Claimants are required to complete the University’s expenses claim form giving details of expenses incurred, including mileage, on University business and attach original receipts as required. Claims must be submitted for payment within 3 months of the date the expenses were incurred. (Section 3) 


Purpose Location  Duration  Maximum reimbursement 
 London Overnight stay 150


UK outside London

Overnight stay 100



Overnight stay 150
Day rate 
All Locations > 5 hours < 9 hours  7
Day rate 
All Locations > 9 hours 15
Day rate 
All Locations Evening meal only 25
Day rate 
All Locations

Full day rate

including evening


Purpose Vehicle Type Duration Maximum Reimbursable £
Mileage Car First 10,000 miles in 
any year
Mileage Car Mileage over 10,000 
miles in any year
Mileage Motorbike All Miles 0.24
Mileage Bicylcle All Miles 0.20
Purpose Location Duration Maximum Reimbursable £
Air Travel All Locations Less than 4 hours Economy
Air Travel All Locations More than 4 hours Premium 
Economy though 
Business Class is
permissible subject 
to prior authority 
being granted.

The University’s expenses policy and reimbursement rates apply not only to its employees, but also, where appropriate, to those with honorary appointments, joint appointments, contractors and visitors, and candidates for interview. 

5. The expenses system cannot be used as a means of purchasing equipment or other items for the University and the same restrictions apply to the use of a University Corporate Card. Such requirements are provided through the normal purchasing procedures. (See paragraph 2.2) 

6. Included in the Policy are specific requirements relating to staff incurring expenses whilst abroad, including the tax implications of attending overseas conferences. (Section 4) 

7. Business entertainment and hospitality should follow the guidelines described in Section 5 

8. Staff are reminded of their obligation to ensure that value for money is achieved in all cases where expenditure is incurred on behalf of the University. 

9. Any attempt to submit false claims will be treated as a serious disciplinary offence