Payments to staff

2017 Financial and other Notable Dates 

This document shows details of the payroll schedule.

Salaries close date is the latest date that bulk input documents such as overtime sheets, additional fees, change of bank details and expense claims are required at the payroll office.

If instructions are received after the Salaries Close date, payment cannot be guaranteed.  However, if an exceptionally urgent payment is required and current work commitments allow, the case will receive sympathetic consideration.

In order for the payroll office to process documents efficiently within the given timescales, staff should ensure that they include their staff number on all documentation.  This number can be found on the top line of each payslip.  Failure to include this number may lead to delays in processing.


2017 Monthly Pay Dates
January 30th
February 27th
March 30th
April 27th
May 30th
June 29th
July 28th
August 25th
September 28th
October 30th
November 29th
December 21st

Expenses that are processed online through proactis

Once the expense has been registered on Proactis a claim number is generated - all receipts relating to that expense should be placed in a sealed envelope with the claim number clearly printed and given to your finance budget holder to check and authorise on the system.  The receipts should then be returned to the payroll office.  Receipts received by 4pm on Friday will be paid to claimants the following Friday.