University of Birmingham Group Personal Pension Plan

This site is for members and former members of GPPP.  It is further divided into:

  • Active Members - those employees who are currently contributing to the scheme or who no longer pay contributions because they are exempted;
  • Deferred Members - this refers to those individuals who will have been members of the scheme previously and who will retain a benefit in the scheme.  upon leaving the scheme, notification will be sent to Friends Life informing them that you have left the service.  Friends Life will then contact you direct informing you of the options available to you.  These will either be:
  1. Defer - remain in the scheme until retirement; or
  2. Transfer to another Pensions provider.  All correspondence in these cases are to be dealt direct with Friends Life.
  • Retired Members - this refers to those individuals, their independant and eligible children who will receive a pension from the scheme.  friends Life will usually contact you prior to retirement (approximately 3 months) outlining the options available to you.

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