Procurement Process 1

Single Source purchases/contracts

Use this process and check list where you are considering a procurement of Works or purchase of Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services without undertaking a competitive process noting that:

  • Where a purchase/contract (or series of purchases/contracts or call offs) is/are reasonably foreseen to be in excess of the EU financial threshold (“EU threshold”) single source purchases/contracts will not be considered under any circumstances whatsoever. 
  • Where the purchase/contract is between: 
  • £20,001 and the EU threshold for Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services; or 
  • £430,000 and the EU threshold for Works

the ERDF Procurement Requirements state that the purchase/contract must be advertised and competitively tendered.

If you are contemplating a purchase (whether of Works (Estates Office) or Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services) in this value range then please contact the Procurement Division (Procurement Division Contacts) for advice before proceeding further. The EU procurement thresholds as at 1st January 2018 are;

  • Goods - £181,302 excluding VAT
  • Services - £181,302 excluding VAT
  • Works - £4,551,413 excluding VAT

Single Tender Justifications will not be considered for any purchase where the value is in excess of £20,000 for Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services or £429,999 for Works (both excluding VAT) without having complied with the requirement to advertise the purchase (see Procurement Process 3, and Procurement Process 4) and not at all where the purchase value is above the relevant EU threshold mentioned above (seeProcurement Process 5 and Procurement Process 6).

Instructions and Information

Single source purchases for sub-EU threshold purchases or contracts must be authorised by DCLG. A Single Tender Justification Form must be completed and submitted to the University’s Procurement Division for onward submission to the relevant Programme Delivery Team (PDT) contact at DCLG. 

The ERDF Procurement Requirements do not stipulate any lower level at which Single Tender Justification approval is required – hence, any single source purchase or contract that is being contemplated must be referred to the Procurement Division as set out above before any commitment is made to any supplier. 

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