Procurement Process 2

Estimated (reasonably foreseeable) Value of Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services below £20,000

Estimated (reasonably foreseeable) Value of Works below £429,999

Before proceeding please ensure that you have read and understood: How to calculate the value of your Purchase/Contract

Competitive Process

Use this process and check list where you are considering;
  • purchasing Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services using a competitive process where the value of the purchase is estimated to be below £20,000; or 
  • a procurement of Works using a competitive process where the value of the procurement if estimated to be below £429,999

Information and Instructions

Value for Money must be demonstrated by obtaining 3 written quotations for Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services or 3 written quotations or tenders for Works but this need not be done by formal advertised competition.

For all Works purchases in the value range set out above (that is £0 - £429,999) the provisions of the Estates Office Capital Project and Procurement Procedures should be followed, noting that competition is required irrespective of value unless Single Tender Justification has been approved by DCL (see Procurement Process 1).

Procurement Process Checklist 2