Procurement Process 3

Before proceeding please ensure that you have read and understood: How to calculate the value of your Purchase/Contract

Competitive Process with a pre-qualification stage

Use this process and check list where you are considering using a competitive purchase/procurement process with a pre-qualification (pre-qualifying questionnaire/supplier selection and shortlisting) stage for:

  • purchasing Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services where the value of the purchase/contract is between £20,001 and the EU threshold; or 
  • procurement of Works where the value of the purchase/contract is between £430,000 and the EU threshold 
    The EU procurement thresholds as at 1st January 2018 are;
    • Goods - £181,302 excluding VAT
    • Services - £181,302 excluding VAT
    • Works - £4,551,413 excluding VAT

Information and Instructions

A formal invitation to tender process must be followed and the requirement advertised in the press and/or on the internet. The level of advertising must be sufficient to allow a level of competition, potentially from another member state (if the contract award might potentially be of interest to suppliers located in another member state),

The Procurement Division must be consulted and a Procurement Strategy will be formulated which will include:

  • An assessment as to whether the requirement (contract award) would be of interest to suppliers in other member states
  • The level of advertising required (informed by the assessment above) and the advertising media to be used (internet, contractsfinder, press (local/national), OJEU) 
  • Supplier selection and Contract award criteria 
  • The tender process to be used (e.g. pre-qualification, invitation to tender etc) 
  • The time period for expressions of interest and receipt of tender 
  • Selection and Award evaluation procedures

    A file note will be made setting out the Procurement Strategy and plan and the rationale supporting decisions made (e.g. if only local advertising is to be used why has it been determined that the contract award would not be of interest to suppliers nationally or in other member states).

Proceeed to Procurement Process Checklist 3