Procurement Process 7

Using Pre-existing Framework Agreements

Single Supplier Framework Agreements

Use this process and check list where you are considering using a pre-existing framework agreement for:

  • a purchase of Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services; or 
  • procurement of Works

Using a Single Supplier Framework Agreement

If you are considering setting up a new framework agreement/call off contract for Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services or Works for the purposes of spending ERDF funds the process is the same as for the procurement of a single purchase of/contract for Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services or Works. You are required to please:

  • refer to How to calculate the value of your Purchase/Contract which provides information on creating new framework agreements 
  • refer to the relevant Procurement Process and Procurement Process Checklist applicable to the anticipated total value of the call offs against the framework agreement; and 
  • contact the Procurement Division (Procurement Division Contacts) for advice and support

Information and Instructions

Use of Framework Agreements – requirement for prior approval by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)

(Required for purchases funded by ERDF funding contracts which had not reached the stage of full application submission at 1st January 2018)

Pre-existing framework agreements must not be used unless the Department for Local Government and Communities (DCLG) has given prior approval and confirmation at the full application submission stage that it is acceptable, and that the University is eligible to use any existing and current framework agreements that the University wishes to use in the procurement of Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services.

The University will not use any framework agreement without the consent of DCLG as set out above and the procurement of any Equipment, Goods (Products) or Services or Works or Construction concerned will be undertaken in accordance and compliance with the relevant ERDF compliant procurement process as if no framework agreement existed.

Where the University proceeds to use a framework agreement evidence of the DCLG approval and confirmation must be included in the records kept

Other requirements:

  • DCLG must be made aware when you apply to use an existing framework agreement at the full application submission stage that the intention is to use a Single Supplier Framework Agreement and that no mini-competition is possible/will be undertaken 
  • DCLG must have confirmed that the University is eligible to use the framework agreement and that it is acceptable to use a Single Supplier Framework Agreement 
  • the University (as a Contracting Authority) must ensure (and be able to provide evidence to DCLG) that it is (and remains) eligible to use the framework agreement and that it has been properly established 
  • the framework agreement must have been established (and the supplier must have been selected) following an EU compliant tender process 
  • if the framework agreement that you wish to use has more than one supplier then it is a Multiple Supplier Framework Agreement – please go to Procurement Process 8 
  • Single Supplier Framework Agreements or Multiple Supplier Framework Agreements which have been established by the University by means of undertaking a mini-competition involving suppliers on a Consortium framework agreement (for example) are ineligible and cannot be used for ERDF purchases/contracts. In order for such framework agreements to be used all capable suppliers (which usually means all suppliers) on the original framework agreement put in place by the Consortia concerned must be invited to participate in the mini-competition

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